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    L Learning about leadership is a continuous process. You never stop learning about this most difficult to implement skill. Study, watch other leaders both good and bad, and above all get out there and experience the challenge of applying your ability to LEAD!
    E Empathy with those you lead is fundamental. Getting to really know your people and communicating with them is the bedrock on which trust can be established and maintained. Leaders who lose trust cease to LEAD!
    A Action is vital if leaders are to be successful. But the action must be the result of clear goals, good planning, and organising. Leaders take charge in order to LEAD!
    D Delegate – you can’t do it all yourself! Good leaders have always delegated and empowered their people. They do it to develop others and improve the capibility of their team. Good delegation also allows leaders to focus more on their primary responsibility which is to LEAD!
    E Excellence and the search for it is the raison d’etre of leaders at all levels. Excellence is not achieved by accepting the status quo. It is achieved by continually looking at the present with a ‘critical eye’ and taking steps to create change and not wait for it to happen. In other words by taking proactive steps to LEAD!
    R Resilience is the ability to spring back after adversity. Leadership involves facing many difficult and challenging mental and moral dilemmas in which hard decisions must be made. Leaders must spring back from adversity and continue to LEAD!
    S Set the example - your people will follow what you do not what you say.

    “I cannot hear what you are saying for what you are is thundering in my ears.”
    African Proverb

    “People listen with their eyes.”
    Overheard at a Management Conference

    Setting a good example to your people is vital if you are to LEAD!

    These are the\'what to do\' but learn the \'HOW TO\' through experiential learning with The Leadership Academy.