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Grow your Own

This term was coined by Professor John Adair in his book How to Grow Leaders, Kogan Page, London, 2005. On page 76 he writes: "A natural starting point for an organisation that wants to grow leaders istraining. Not middle or senior managers but team leaders.The cardinal principle in leadership development is never appoint someone a leader without the appropriate form of training or preparation."  Are you applying it?

In our development of enlightened leadership practices we ask a similar question:

"Have you examined the effectiveness of your staff and their turnover rate? If there is a problem, or likely to be one, have you reviewed the state of leadership in your business – starting with your own and the people who might succeed you, or others of importance to you?"

The usual way to develop leadership is to send people on training courses. But most small or even medium-sized businesses find it difficult to release staff – time away affects productivity and the training often does not focus on their specific needs.

We have a suite of eight Leadership Development Modules that will help you review your personal leadership and‘grow your own’leaders in your own environment and in your own time.

They include:

  • Teams and Teamwork;
  • Leadership – Making the Difference;
  • Developing Leadership People Skills;
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making;
  • Developing Relationships and Trust;
  • Motivation;
  • Coaching and Counselling; and
  • Delegation

All modules can be presented or discussed in less than an hour and a Leadership Development Survey is also available to help provide a benchmark for present standards and continuing improvement. Note that leadership development in your own environment means that introduced experiential learning scenarios can be replaced by real-time situations of concern to your organisation.

The modules are AS$25 each or all seven can be purchased for AS$155. With this purchase the Leadership Survey and the Problem Solving and Decision Making module are FREE.

Please contact us on 0403 483 236 or email for Session Summaries or if you require additional information.

For those willing to make the investment, the outcomes and benefits to individuals and organisations can be:

  1. Enlightened leaders who readily accept challenges and have developed confidence in their problem solving and decision making ability to deal with difficult situations;
  2. Leaders who know how to use their leadership skills to implement change;
  3. Managers who know how to lead people rather than just manage or supervise them;
  4. Leaders who know how to create a relaxed, enthusiastic and motivated workplace resulting in more efficient and productive teams;
  5. Fewer interpersonal workplace conflicts resulting in improved staff retention and reduced recruitment costs; and
  6. An overall outcome of added value to the bottom line.