The Leadership Academy

Inspiring and Developing Exceptional Leaders




Personal Development

Managers and supervisors at all levels will be better able to assist their organisations achieve their mission by being enlightened leaders who can:

  1. articulate vision, mission and goals and achieve results with and through others;
  2. establish leadership and teamwork concepts that are understood, accepted and practised from the top to the bottom of the organisation;
  3. develop an inquiring and learning organisation; and
  4. through sound people skills create emotional resonance in teams which results in satisfied and creative employees who readily accept challenge and respond positively to constructive change.

The bottom line, irrespective of type or purpose of the organisation, will be greater productivity and cost effectiveness, and for commercial enterprises, enhanced return on investment.

Our Training Methodology

We believe in the following adage: Experience cannot be learnt; it must be undergone.

We firmly believe that learning through doing is the best way to develop leadership skills. We therefore employ experiential learning methodology for the majority of our training and coaching activities, and workplace action learning for followup projects and programs.

Our primary leadership training courses are holistic in nature and residential, although we also provide Leadership Facilitation Modules to enable organisations to develop their own leaders 'in house'. (See Grow your Own below).

While we believe that leadership and management are different, we are convinced that while not all managers make good leaders, the best leaders are also credible managers. Our courses therefore include management skills as well as 'people skills'. Related subjects are, for example, leadership and teamwork theory, planning and organising, problem solving and decision making, leader communication, assertive behaviour, delegation, coaching and counselling.

For the most part we 'front load' learning experiences by challenging participants to theorise as to best methods and practice they might have been taught, have experienced, or observed. We then place them in situations, both indoors and outdoors, that challenge them to put the theory into practice. The results of the activity are then analysed through constructive and supportive discussion and the key lessons for the leader, team members and the team as a whole are identified.

Most importantly, the next step is to have participants relate the lessons identified to their own work places.

At all stages the lessons that emerge are validated in relation to the theories examined at the beginning of each section of the particular program.

Followup or continuation training is based on the application of action learning principles to actual workplace issues. With the support of senior management, participants undertake meaningful projects in the workplace that often result in significant relevant and useful work outcomes.

Because our balanced approach to leadership development focuses on learning through doing, both theory and practice are examined in the cultural context in which the activities take place, and are discussed in the relevant national language as well as in English. This means that Western theory can be applied, analysed and related to participants' circumstances, irrespective of the nature of their cultural background.

It is also vital that the learning is relevant to the needs of our clients whether they be from commercial, government or community focused groups. The interaction between and impact upon the three key areas affecting people - commerce, society and the environment - form the framework for our learning activities. The accompanying model illustrates our learning methodology.



Personal Coaching

We also provide coaching in the workplace to individuals or small groups to develop appropriate personal attitudes, behaviours and practical leadership skills. The coaching includes subjects such as: understanding enlightened leadership theory and practice; building and maintaining effective teams; communicating; buildinggood realationships and trust; motivating; problem solving and decision making; coaching and counselling others; delegating; dealing with difficult people; and providing effective feedback. All learning is directly related to the realities of the workplace environment and culture.

Our coaching can be purpose-designed to address particular issues of concern and participants receive a comprehensive Reference Book that contains confirming précis and useful tools for workplace application.

Types of Training Services

The types of services we can provide are, in outline:

  1. A leadership awareness day as part of, for example, a strategic planning retreat.
  2. Individual coaching in enlightened leadership skills.
  3. Residential programs tailored to your needs (minimum seven people for two days).
  4. Attendance by individuals on two, three or four-day generic residential leadership programs.
  5. Half-day, one-day or two-day teambuilding programs with leaders and their teams.

On the longer programs extra emphasis is placed on trust, delegation, idea generation, communication, teambuilding, leading change, and leading through the generation gap.

Value is added by:

Coaches who all have extensive experience at operational and strategic management within both public and private organisations.

Personal feedback to each participant. This benefit includes indications of preferences for leader action held by individuals.

A participant-to-coach ratio of 7 to 1 or better.

The programs are highly participatory and have only a small lecturing component. Leadership is learned in activities carefully designed to ensure a steady, readily acquired insight into its complexities.


We also conduct tailored teambuilding programs in which we facilitate self-discovery of strengths and weaknesses that are then related to the benchmarks of high performance teams. Methods of increasing performance outcomes are identified and highlighted through experiential activities and team members are encouraged to make personal and group commitments to improve performance.

Community Benefit Work

  1. We have assisted Rotary by conducting a Rotary Youth Leadership Award Program also at nominal administrative cost.
  2. One of our commitments was to provide at the request of the Catholic Education Office and at no cost, basic leadership and teambuilding training for 30 young school captains from Catholic schools in the North and Western Queensland areas. Some comments from the participants were: Thanks for your unique and enjoyable lessons in leadership! (lots of fun) Thanks, we will be able to use these skills in everything we do. Thanks heaps for your inspirational words and thoughts on leadership - it was awesome.
  3. We have trained on company leadership programs (at administrative cost only) aboriginal staff from organisations such as Centacare Mount Isa, who were generously sponsored by the then WMC Fertilizers Pty Ltd Queensland Fertilizers Operation at Phosphate Hill. We are prepared to offer this training to other companies that engage our services.
  4. We also accept Lifeline staff when vacancies are available. The fees for Lifeline are at a special low rate.