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    In the Words of Great Business Leaders Julie Fenster presents the accumulated experience of nineteen business legends. Each leader provides, in their own words, inspiring and motivated wisdom that runs the gamut from investing to setting priorities to making the most of opportunity. It reveals remarkable insights into these men and women teaching timeless lessons about business, money, and human nature.

    The book also features thorough background information on each leader, telling the stories of their struggles to succeed, their triumphs, and how their various experiences – both good and bad – formed their business philosophies.

    From the consummate salesman….

    ... like William Wrigley Jr., who started a soap business in the late 1800s with only $32 to his name and by 1922 was selling ten billion sticks of gum per year.

    To the hustling hard workers….

    ... like Edwin Land, president of Polaroid- which may have been the first start up company in history to get $750,000 out of Wall Street on a promise of inventing things for which there was no market.

    To self made successes…. John D. Rockefeller, who never raised his voice or made cutting remarks, but left no doubts about his power and became one of the richest men in history.

    The interesting thing is the great value each of these successful people placed on the people that worked for them. Clearly there is a connection between success and building successful teams around you.

    In the words of Great Business Leaders delivers enlightening, surprising and motivating information for all leaders regardless of their position in an organisation.

    Here are a few words from these leaders:

    Whatever is the best thing for the business is the best thing for the men and women in it. Let us keep that in mind-what is the best thing for the business is the best thing for everybody in it.
    Thomas J Watson Sr. IBM

    How does Wal-Mart do it? They always ask. The answer is always the same – people. Not only the right kind, but interested, dedicated, enthusiastic and loyal people. That’s what makes our company exceptional and what enables us to continually achieve the seemingly impossible
    Sam Walton Wal-Mart.

    Informed employees are more productive than uninformed employees.
    Henry Ford II on Communication

    Be ready to help people out when they need it most. Get ready to yank them out of a hole. The glad hands alright in sunshine, but it’s the helping hand on a dark day that folks remember to the end of time.
    A.P. Giannini Bank of America

    I hold that, if anything in the business is wrong, the fault is squarely with management. If the tires are not made right, if the workman are unhappy, if the sales are not what they ought to be, the fault is not with the men and women who are actually doing the job, but the men and women above them and the men and women above them so that finally, the fault is mine. That is my conception of business.
    Harvey Firestone Firestone

    Mark Bragg