The Leadership Academy

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Client List and Testimonials

The Leadership Academy is based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia and provides leadership development, teambuilding and associated services to corporations and not for profit organisations in Queensland, New South Wales and South East Asia.

Some our clients include, or have included: Centrelink, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Queensland Government Departments, Lifeline, Energex, Games Workshop Sydney, McDonald's Family Restaurants, Ingram Micro Computers, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Townsville Enterprise Limited, WMC Fertilizers Phosphate Hill, Queensland Nickel Industries, Downer EDI Electrical, Coalpac, Thiess, Osmotion and Cleveland Youth Detention Centre. In South East Asia; PT Telkom, PT Kaltim Prima Coal, PT Freeport, PT Kelian Equatorial Mining and PT INCO, all in Indonesia, and Asia Business Forum Bangkok, Thailand, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have also been pre-qualified providers of leadership and teambuilding training for the Australian Federal Police.

A wide range of individuals from various organisations and businesses in Queensland and New South Wales have also attended our generic residential programs.

We now also provide Leadership Development Modules specifically designed for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses to enable them to develop their own leaders in their own time and in their own environment.  These Modules are also available from ESSBizTools, which provides Business Advisory Services to Accounting Firms.

Soldier Recovery Centre Courses

A recent and very worthwhile program has been to provide Resilience and Leadership Courses for the Headquarters 3 Brigade Soldier Recovery Centre at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville. The participants have all suffered trauma of some type and as a result their self confidence has been affected. Our experiential training is intense and demanding and, with personal feedback and coaching, helps build participants' resilience while developing their leadership abilities.

Some post-training evaluations by participants are:

  • Excellent course.  Glad I attended.  Was able to learn a lot in a short time without "information overload"  Very happy.
  • Very well presented - loads of fun - great mental challenge for all who were involved - amazing knowledge from staff.
  • Brilliant course.  Thank you so much.  It has been an absolute pleasure and joy to meet you both.  The world needs more men like you two.
  • Thank you for helping me come out of my shell, step out of my comfort zone and be an effective leader.
  • Course was run really well.
  • The level of advice and support training staff offered was excellent.  The interpersonal skills of the staff were exceptional.
  • The advice and support and feedback was excellent from the training staff.  Especially drawing on their own personal experiences in leadership situations.
  • The advice and support given was to an extremely high standard.  The training staff were very approachable, honest and extremely knowledgeable.
  • It was very good and helpful.  It will definitely help me strive to greater things in the future.
  • The advice given was excellent and the experience and skills of the presenters is indisputable.


  • Chris Woods

    Managing Director Osmotion Pty Ltd, Townsville, an award-winning company specialising in Software, Web Sites and Graphic Design

    Over the two days 31 July and 1 August 2008 The Leadership Academy facilitated a business development Workshop for Osmotion staff. Team Management Systems Management Profiles were provided for all staff and these will assist us better match individuals' work preferences to the work roles we need in our business. Our vision, objectives and strategies were analysed and agreed and methods of implementation outlined. Teamwork and leadership functions were reviewed and practised and desired staff relationship behaviours identified. The Workshop concluded with (1) a commitment to finalise and promulgate the agreed list of desired staff relationship behaviours (2) a commitment by Osmotion to staff, and (3) a commitment by staff to Osmotion. The Leadership Academy facilitators performed very well, keeping the discussions and activities focussed and relevant, and also provided a very useful summary of the post-workshop evaluations. I am sure our business will benefit greatly from the Workshop outcomes. Without reservation I recommend Peter, Tony and Kerrin to any organisation that might require facilitation and training of this nature.
  • Travis Schultz

    Managing Partner, Schultz Toomey O'Brien Lawyers, Mooloolaba, Queensland

    I found their program 'cut to the core', focusing on key issues of leadership through a good mix of theoretical and practical sessions. The lessons brought out during the sessions are providing an ongoing focus for improving leadership within our firm.
  • Alex Arthur

    General Manager Operations, Western Mining Corporation Queensland Fertilizer Operations

    I have attended and been involved in many leadership programs for supervisors and managers and have found The Leadership Academy programs well structured and tailored to the needs of my organisation and the needs of its leaders.
  • Tom Magee

    Support Services Manager of WMC Resources Ltd's Queensland Fertilizer Operations.

    Our company has three operating sites at Phosphate Hill, Mt Isa and Townsville and manufactures ammonia phosphate fertilisers. We have over 400 direct and 1500 indirect employees. In my role I am responsible for all Human Resources and Training matters, as well as Environment, Health and Safety, Corporate and Community Affairs and a variety of other functions. Participants policy does not permit me to act as a referee on behalf of my company but I am delighted to do so on a personal basis.

    The Leadership Academy has been providing purpose designed, high quality leadership training to over 100 WMC staff. Their strong focus on carefully planned, non-confrontational learning has delivered sound results for our people. Formal opinion surveys of our staff indicate a significant improvement in the leadership performance of our business; from front line managers onwards. The Academy's close communication, ongoing liaison and assiduous follow up has characterised its association with our company. Aside from demonstrating their professionalism it has also served to galvanise some of the initially less enthusiastic members of our workforce, winning their support in the process. Risks in working with the Academy are minimal as they have a strong systems focus and a large and competent network of associates, both of which ensure that effective programme conduct is not dependent on any single individual. This also means that more than one programme can be conducted concurrently if required. The Academy and its people have consistently demonstrated their sound administrative capabilities during their association with our company. They are flexible, yet demonstrate a keen eye for administrative detail. I have no hesitation in recommending The Leadership Academy as an organisation that will meet (your organisation's) leadership development requirements and would be happy to discuss these matters further. I can be contacted on 0417 810 361.\"
  • Terry Holland

    Former General Manager Human Resources, Kaltim Prima Coal, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

    The facilitators performed very creditably... careful listeners to the company's requirements, they managed the multicultural environment very well... good bonding and barrier breaking exercises, but importantly, our employees were given useful 'tools' to bring back to the workplace.
  • Greg Page

    Director, Honeycombes Property Group, Townsville, North Queensland

    We can identify excellent contributions Mark, Peter and Tony have made in the record performance and profits that have been achieved in our property management activities. Furthermore, the morale of the team is at an all-time high. Our best endorsement is our intention to retain the Academy's services on an ongoing basis to work with other leaders in the development of their teams.
  • Peter Doutre

    Area Manager, Centrelink Sydney South Metro

    I have found their programs to be run professionally and of real benefit to my managers. The sessions are delivered by skilled practitioners who have and communicate a sense of legitimacy in the message delivered. I have seen real and tangible improvements in performance for my organisation as a result of managers attending the program.
  • Tony Ireland

    Owner and Executive Director, Tony Ireland Holden, Townsville, North Queensland.

    The Leadership Academy significantly improves the company culture by creating better understanding between employees in terms of the potential impact their actions have on how smoothly and effectively the company can provide customer service. From the perspectives of teamwork, team building and leadership we have found our relationship with The Leadership Academy to be extremely valuable.


  • Dr Dan Alongi

    Principal Research Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Cape Ferguson, Queensland.

    The Leadership Academy training is unique compared to other courses on people and problem management. I learned more about human nature and about myself in a few days than I have working in a senior staff role for several years. I can recommend the Leadership Academy not just to people who manage others, but also to those who want to learn what it takes to be a leader.
  • Geoff Hughes

    Works Engineer, Thuringowa City Council, Queensland.

    Certainly woke me up to what others expect of a leader and how I can meet those expectations.
  • Dave Thomas

    Manager Customer Accounts, Energex, Brisbane.

    Most comprehensive leadership course I have attended. The team spirit developed over the last few days was exceptional.
  • Lazaro Perez

    Section Manager, Centrelink, Sydney.

    All training staff had abundant time for support and advice. Compared to similar training this course was outstanding, so far the best.
  • Bapak Nugroho

    Supervisor, Kaltim Prima Coal, Kalimantan, Indonesia.

    The instructors were inspirational to our further application of the skills at work. I've gained a lot of insights, including knowing people better, but most of all I feel great about the training's impact.
  • Patricia Wright

    Manager, Centrelink, Sydney.

    I have attended many leadership courses, some very good and others not so good. This one is by far the best.
  • Angela Glover

    Process Development Metallurgist, Western Mining Fertilizers, Phosphate Hill, Queensland

    The course was great and the administration, curriculum, quality of presentations and facilitation were all excellent. The Academy staff provided excellent feedback and advice and really seemed to care and be interested. I am sure I will build and grow into a better leadership role and my company will benefit because of my better team skills and leadership. We had fun and formed great relationships in our groups, which also will be very beneficial to the Company. I have learned a lot and recommend that others in WMC Fertilizers attend this training.
  • Alyssa de Graaff

    Team Leader Youth Service, Lifeline, Townsville

    The theory was very informative and the physical activities challenging but great. The course curriculum and structure, quality of presentations and facilitation, and the course administration were all better than excellent. I would absolutely recommend this training to other team leaders and managers, teams, and anyone who has the opportunity to attend.
  • WMC Fertilizers Pty Ltd

    Corporate Participants' Evaluations

    From a Four-Day Program for 19 supervisors, professional specialists and team leaders from WMC Fertilizers Pty Ltd conducted at Paluma 11 - 14 May 2004, the participants made the following evaluations:
    • Course Administration 14 excellent, 5 good; Curriculum and Structure 12 excellent, 7 very good; Facilitation and Training 9 excellent, 9 very good, 1 good; Venue 14 highly appropriate, 5 good.
    Some of the other comments were:
    • Level of support and advice was of a very high standard and would be hard to improve.
    • Trainers were very helpful and were able to provide valuable advice.
    • Excellent on both counts (advice and support). Can really feel they've been there and learnt the lessons.
    • Advice and support was excellent. Presented in a friendly and constructive manner.
    • Complemented and exceeded the 3 Day Supervisor course that WMC have.
    • Good level of experience of presenters. Well run and organized.
    • Outstanding.
    • This is the best course I've been on.
    • Goes into further depth and more useful tools.
    • I thought it was of a high standard.
    • The best I have been on by far.
    • This course has given me more than any other course I have been on.
    • I think it is above the rest.
  • Mark Boniface

    Team Leader Lending Westpac Country Business Direct, Townsville

    The program helped me recognise the importance of planning, coaching, delegating, communicating and motivating to improve the performance of the individuals within my team. The administration, curriculum, quality of presentations and facilitation and the venue were all excellent and the standard of advice and support given by the training staff was also very high. I have no hesitation in recommending others attend such a program.
  • Martina Neidig

    Manager Tourism, Townsville Enterprise Limited

    The program was excellent in all respects. Compared to other courses I have attended this one is the best and most informative so far. It is well worth my organisation's investment. Highly recommended.
  • Boyd Francis

    Project Chemist, Queensland Nickel Industries, Yabulu

    An excellent program in all respects. This is the best structured course I've been on. Ever! I have gained plenty from it and everyone in any leadership/management role who has people reporting to them, even if not on a permanent basis, should attend.
  • Kiera Buchanan

    Assistant Manager, Loloma Jewellers, Townsville

    All aspects were excellent. The program was really hands on and easy to apply to my own work environment. I learned 'soooo' much about myself and how I can improve on my weaknesses. Fantastic all round.
  • Owen Holcombe

    Team Leader, BHP Billiton Southern Cross Fertilizers

    I can honestly say that I have left previous Leadership and Teambuilding courses feeling far worse than when I went. The Success through People Program that The Leadership Academy conducted during May to August 2005 was very different. There were no managers there to force their opinions; it was purely about the course participants and it was left entirely up to us to take what we wanted from the experience. I normally struggle to sit through a meeting or training session without dozing off but I never once came close in the four days. The material was well paced, interesting and delivered with a passion hard to comprehend after 18 groups had gone before us. I was sorry to see the course come to an end; the team spirit, camaraderie and healthy competition had been so enjoyable. Unlike my previously mentioned experience, STP changed my thinking and I don't care whether or not management uses any of the principles - I do and will continue to. Thanks for passing on your knowledge and experience.
  • Asia Business Forum

    Asia Business Forum, Bangkok

    Participants' comments from the Two-day Leadership Courses conducted in the period September 2007 to November 2009 in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City included:

    • Course leader had extensive experience and good leadership skills. Easy to understand.
    • Got some very helpful hints & tips & key takeaways.
    • I have good experience and new concepts, practices from Peter.
    • Good clarification, clear examples.
    • Very lively, lots of examples, continuously trying to interact.
    • He had extensive experience; a skilled person.
    • Content is excellent, very applicable and relevant.
    • Clear with very good explanations and examples.
    • Well prepared with many examples.  I am going to recommend the course to my colleagues.